Boomer Hot Takes

The Party Game for the Snowflake Generation

Get drunk, get in the headspace of a boomer/our 45th president, and start defending the outlandish, wrong, racist, and false statements that make our country great. Ready to play?


Think you can defend this statement?


Geezus Christ, why are we playing this?

A former friend

Take that off the internet, I never said that.

My dad

"Boomer Hot Takes is like the party game version of Spotify, if instead of discovering new music, you discover your girlfriend of 5 years believes that healthcare isn't a human right."

Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired you to create this game? 
If politicians and government officials can profit off elections and COVID-19, why can't I?

Wait, what? 
In 1665, Isaac Newton was forced to work from home because of the Bubonic Plague. During that time, he developed calculus. I used my time during this COVID-19 debacle to create Boomer Hot Takes. We'll see which work stands the test of time.

100% of the money will go to treating my crippling OCD. While Boomer Hot Takes is a dumb party game full of jokes, mental illness is no joke. Fuck you, OCD. 🖕